The twins

Two halves of a whole. Together always. One useless without the other.

That's how we were meant to be.

Ah but how different were we! I was always right and he was the opposite...the bratty one. He was the one who hid under the bed, the one who snuck behind cupboards or sat hidden for hours under the mat. The entire household would be in an uproar ... Where's he? Not again! We're going to miss the film!... But did he care? Nope. He'd be enjoying the chaos from his hiding place, laughing silently. I hated it when little Rohan got into trouble because of him.

I knew something was brewing in his devilish brain today when we went out to play. A few minutes into the game, as he kicked the ball, he took off, right off the field. Everyone looked for him - in the bushes, behind the swings and even on the road beyond but .... nothing! It was like he had disappeared in thin air. Finally they gave up. How Rohan cried! I wished with all my heart I could reach up and wipe his tears. He wanted to take me along, after all we were his favourites, but his ma said, "What will you do with him? He's useless without his twin." And so they left me, all alone just like these fallen leaves... far from home.. abandoned.

Then, along came another little boy. His bright little face was dirt streaked, his clothes tattered, his feet bare. He squealed with delight when he saw me. I'd found an admirer! But then his face fell.. "Only one? What'll I do with just one?" he mused. There it was - that same line, come to haunt me yet again. "Where can the other one go? It HAS to be somewhere close," reasoned the little one. "Go boy go.. look for my brother," I almost cried out aloud. But I didn't need to. The little boy searched, desperate and determined. He didn't have a spare. I was his only chance. And then, "Yeah! Found you!" he cried jubilantly digging out my twin from the pile of dried leaves.

I opened my mouth to berate my twin. "Shhh!!" said he, pointing at the delighted face of the little boy. "Don't you think we're in a better place?" he said with a wink. And I had to agree. He was a devil but he had a heart alright.

He couldn't be right for one of us had to be a left, yin and yang, together making a happy whole.

Written for.Write Tribe's Wednesday Picture prompt (above).

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