100 Happy Days - Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of my 100 Happy Days Challenge.. that's 35 days of positivity. I'm getting used to this.

Now for a WARNING:  The kids have been home almost all this week so this is going to be pretty much a child-centric post. They had their annual day and that culminated in a long weekend. There was a time I'd dread them being home five days at a stretch.. yeah I do love them but their boisterousness can get a bit much specially if I bar them from the TV and the Computer! However as they're growing older I find them much more fun. They're at that stage when they do things on their own yet expect me to be around to sort their squabbles (which there are PLENTY).


Happiness is..

1. ... watching the little ones on stage

There's something very heartwarming about watching your children perform even if they are tucked in that far far corner. I couldn't help but seek mine out (doesn't every parent?) and watched them through the show. N danced to Saxobeat and J Lo's 'On the dance floor..' both my favourite numbers (how the girl loves to dance!) and H very diligently sang 'It's a beautiful day..'. Perfect song for a happiness post, isn't it? Check it out..

2. ... a hot n cheesy pizza.

The Husband was travelling so to cheer us all up we ordered pizza. I'd had two deliciously wonderful slices before I remembered my weightloss target. I have to admit part of me was glad I remembered late heh! heh! The pizza was wonderful and the forty minute walk after that with the cool breeze on my face was even better. Now that's what I call a win-win situation.

3 ... shopping for books

I quite dislike this trend of having toys and books together in a shop because we always end up in a tug of war - me pulling the children to the books and they running off to the toys! Anyway since challenges are not something a mum is scared of I took them to Landmark with a budget of Rs 500 each 'only for books'.
Here's what they picked... H is a Geronimo fan (pure peer pressure I suspect) and trust N to pick a book that's not a book!

And we rounded it off with a pure junk lunch at Mc Donalds. And I'm proud to report.. I stuck to my coffee. Yay!

4 ... finding a partner in weightloss

This gets better and better. The Husband has joined me in my weightloss plans. I so couldn't believe him because he's a pretty finicky foodie. After I made him promise he'd have any soup I made (No saying.. this is too sour, this ones too sweet, this ones spicy till I go Aargh!) and he agreed I'm beginning to believe we'll do it. Yeah.. this is what we hope we'll look like by the end of the month. 'Hope', I said. (Besides, the Net just doesn't put up pictures of overweight couples exercising).

5. ... Watching the kids create 'Toyland'

while I happily caught up with my reading in peace. They were so busy designing and planning there were no fights and no disagreements. I love it when they do things together.

That's a slide that leads to a pool in the park.
The rest is still under construction.. stay tuned!

6. .. crafting with the kids

I've been missing this for some time now. The holidays gave us a chance to sit together and make some book marks for N's friends for Valentine's Day.

7. This last one is a bit much. And if we hadn't had so much fun I would have struck this one off my list out of pure embarrassment.. but then happiness can be cheesy right? So here goes..

dancing with the kids to 'Tune maari entriyaan'

How I dig these boys!!!!

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