100 Happy Days - Week 6

It's Week 6 at the 100 Happy Days Challenge . For the first time since I started off, it's been truly a challenging week, which is why this post is late in coming. No point doing a happy post when you're not feeling happy. The happiness won't shine through.. I'm just not a good enough writer!

But obviously this had to happen, right? Or else where's the challenge? The important part is that I'm back. How can one be unhappy too long in this week of love.. huh?

Here's my list..

Happiness this week is..

1. .. Getting a clean chit in the medical report 

Yay!! I maxed it! I got an all-clear other than a very marginally high Cholesterol.

2. ... laughing over culinary disasters

In honour of the impending V-Day celebrations I tried to make heart-shaped jelly.. the instant one which needs just hot water to set. I thought I'd pour it out into the moulds and it would be perfect for V-Day. Knowing my history with all things culinary I went for a trial. It looked so perfect sitting in the moulds that we were all thrilled. But the moment I tried to demould it, it just ran.. everywhere. How I could mess up such a simple recipe is beyond me. But I did. The happy part was when I mixed it with chopped bananas H pronounced it 'perfect'. Then both of them clinked glasses and 'drank' some of it too.

I used to think I should completely give up cooking but the amount of entertainment it provides me and my family makes me go on.

3. ... a smile from a stranger

The other day I was on my way back from the gym and was trying to cross the road on my scooter. I must have held up this lady in her car for a good few minutes before I realised it. I threw her an apologetic look but she just smiled back an 'it's okay, take your time' kind of smile. So made my day.. and gave me an idea for a post here!

4. .. The Husband taking an unexpected holiday

This one's such a rarity when your husband's a workaholic. With kids all over the place and the TV blaring, shared moments of peace are to be truly treasured.

5. .. a bucket of caramel popcorn

...while watching a film. I'm still not sure what I like better.. the film or that popcorn. The thing is - the film might be a risk but the caramel popcorn's dependably delicious.

6. ... a V-Day card 

N 'made' me this card. If you're wondering why it's a Mother's Day card.. well so am I! I think that's all she could find in her card-making kit. But then does it matter??

7. ... FB messages on Valentine's Day 

Reading through the varied messages of love being sent out to friends and family fills you with amazing warmth. Too 'mush' love! :-D

... and I've just realised I've done a red red post! So folks how was your week? Happy, busy, rushed, relaxed? Do share here.

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