Saturday, February 08, 2014

Shades of love

From the moment I set eyes on her she became the most important woman in my life. It was love at first sight. For years there was no other.

Then I met you, my soulmate. And fell in love…. again. This is love too.. different, yet just as deep, just as pure.

How do I tell her about you?

Will she feel abandoned? Or will she understand?

But why do I doubt her? She will understand. She will learn to love you just like I do, for she loves me like no other, after all she is my mother.


Linking to Write Tribes 100 Words on Saturday for the prompt 'How do I tell her about you'


  1. awww such a cute one :-) and something that happens to every person :D


  2. This is so sweet!! I am sure all guys can relate to this!! And I am sure she WILL understand! ♥

  3. Awwww...of course she will! Lovely!

  4. Replies
    1. :-D Michelle.. What's life without a little twist?

  5. This was such a lovely take on the prompt. It warmed my heart! Brilliant job. ♥

  6. This was lovely many of us can relate to this! :)

    1. Thanks Aditi.. Preparing myself for it even though there's about two decades to go ;-D.


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