100 Happy Days - Week 8

This week has felt exceptionally short what with one extra holiday thrown in. It has been a completely delightful one. I have exercised well, read, shopped, treated the kids, gone out with family and relaxed too.

Here's what made me smile this week

1. Gogappas!

Early in the week The Husband came home with a pack of golgappas. There's something about the smell of that tangy water that makes 'my mouth water', to use a cliche. I tucked in of course, though the thought continues to haunt me that he's trying to sabotage my diet.

2. The sound of wind chimes..

..from the neighbouring building while I read my book on a quiet afternoon. How soothing is that! A bit paradoxical isn't it - how a sound can add to the quietude?

3. Successfully performing orthopedic paeditric surgery

Nope I'm not a doc. Heh heh.. But here's Pony with a broken leg. That's N's doll. Recognised her? Yeah, earlier today she made a smashing debut on the blog. After hours of searching we found her missing limb and I had the good fortune of putting it back for her. How contagious was N's happiness!

4. Buying an identical T shirt

... but a size smaller! Yay! The weighing scales haven't moved much - just about a kg - but I have lost some inches and that makes me feel so good. The Husband's ploy's not working too well.. hee, hee! BTW, I get colour fixated at times - it's blue for now.

5. Waffles drowned in chocolate sauce

Check out that waffle in chocolate sauce. The kids and I went out for a late breakfast/brunch and this is what we ordered. I savoured every bite.. considering I had just a few.

6. .. being dragged to the gym by a dear friend

I'm not really a masochist and waking up early morning on a Saturday is just not me. However when a friend bulldozed me into it, it turned out to be more fun than I ever expected. And I exercised like hadn't done in a long long while. Thanks J.

7. Early morning drive and breakfast with family

The SIL and BIL dropped by with my two nieces and all of use drove off to this tiny joint deep in the old city for a wonderful South Indian breakfast today morning. It's one of those quaint places with just about four things on the menu and super fast service. The soft idlis and fluffy uttapams are to die for.