April A to Z Challenge - the How and the What

I was never serious about the April A to Z Challenge. One because I feel daily challenges become boring and you end up writing a lot of stuff that's just not good enough and two because they involve too much commitment.

However I sometimes suffer from the foot-in-the-mouth syndrome. I talk about things I have little or no intention of taking up. During one such conversation dear friend Shailaja mentioned the Challenge to me and I said she should certainly sign up. I never included 'me' in this whole thing, yes I remember very clearly.

But was she listening? No sir!

That day onward I had no peace. Like a well-meaning bulldozer, first she firmly raised all my objections to the ground. Then she dragged me (protesting all the way, everyday, even now) to sign up, then to join the Facebook group, then to put up the Challenge logo on my blog and then to take part in this theme reveal.

And so here I am, kind of getting used to the idea that I will be posting 26 days almost at a stretch, at a time of the year when I normally clock 3 to 4 posts a month since it's vacation time and I'm travelling. I have been working furiously to get as many posts done before April as possible. The odds are against me certainly, yet I just might see this through thanks to support and encouragement from friends like Vidya and Corrine. (No, I will not mention Shailaja). Thank you guys, you're the best.

For the Challenge I have decided to keep it simple, since it's my first. I have chosen to write about 26 very special people, people I know well. Some, I've known since I was a child and some who I met as recently as last year. I have chanced upon them in stores, through the computer or at libraries. These are people I have come to know through their books.

My theme is AMAZING AUTHORS - Some with books dating back two hundred years some as recent as this year. 

They have not just saved me from a very dull existence but have enriched it in a thousand varied ways. They have made me smile, laugh and cry. They have shown me miraculous worlds, real yet magical. They have taught me to love, to be patient, to persist, to follow my dreams and sometimes to simply sit back and have fun.

I love them all. My only regret - I have had to leave out many others, who are equally dear to me.

So come join me in this month-long journey. You'll certainly find some old friends here and maybe some new ones too.

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