Monday, March 17, 2014

Happiness roundup - Week 10

Time for the week's happiness roundup... Where does the week go? But then that's a good sign isn't it? Time moves fast when you're happy, right? 

Here's what made me smile this week...

1. That bye bye kiss to the kids

Believe me, I'm not thinking "Peace at last!" when they board the bus each morning.. Oh well maybe on just some days. Most days I count it a huge perk of being a SAHM... to have the leisure to wave to the kids. I've been doing it for about four years now and I still love it every single day. N shouts out these messages "Have a good day mama", "Take care", "Be happy"..punctuated by a dozen flying kisses. It's a totally 'aww' moment. H likes to stick out his tongue at me or make a rude face.. Yeah apparently that's how he shows affection. It's ever more adorable and endearing to watch the dads blow back kisses to the kids. Oh I love mornings.

2. A super movie. 

Caught Queen this week and loved it. Watching that awkward behenji protagonist from Delhi find her feet and take wing was amazing. A must watch if you haven't done it already.

3. A bit of crafting.

Although I was merely guiding, not doing it.. yet it always gives me pleasure to see something pretty take shape. First we did this simple bookmark for N's "most strict teacher" (because of who she spent a quarter of the year crying each morning before school) who has now turned into favourite. 

Then my niece came to stay and made this amazing bag. I'd been waiting for ages to do this with N, but she just doesn't have the patience. My niece however did a super job. Doesn't it look pretty? 

4. Gujhiyas... 

I thought I was being proactive when I bought a pack of gujhiyas 'for the guests' some two days before the festival. But we finished it even before Holi came around and then were rushing around as usual at the last minute.

5. A quiet evening watching the kids play basketball.

Sitting in the balcony and watching kids play from a distance is just so relaxing. The sounds are muted yet the thump of the ball and the camaraderie in their shouts make me happy. I can watch them for ages.

6. Watching Chak De on the telly. 

This Saturday the kids and I watched it and enjoyed it for varied reasons. My primary one was SRK. Isn't he gorgeous?

The kids, however, were so caught up in the film that by the end N was jumping 
on the sofa cheering India on while H, my lazy lazy son, prayed as they took on the Aussies.

7. And finally it has to be that mad mad festival.. Holi.

Your turn now. What made you happy this week?


  1. Queen was indeed a pleasure to watch! Can't think of many actors who can dare to go without makeup for the better part of the movie! And love both the kids' reactions to Chak De!

  2. I loved the bookmark and the bag. They are so beautiful! So many reasons to be happy. Thank you for sharing your happiness here. ♥

    1. It's always so much fun doing these posts.

  3. Queen is truly awesome!! Loved every bit of it! The bookmark and bag is cool and I love gujhiyas!! Yesterday I had 8 in all and different people make it differently so it was all the more fun :D Love the kids' expressions while watching Chak De!! Too cute :)

    1. Wow.. 8 ! That's something. As for Chak De it has been declared the official family favourite.

  4. Bag and tag r nice....very rarely i watch hindi movies...but i love chak de ..every time it gave new new versions and same expressions in my home all...

  5. ohh the gujiyas... they look delicious :D loved the post

  6. Love the way happiness overflows from your posts. YES, SRK in this movie was simply fab! Haven't watched Queen yet. Need to do that some time. Happy thoughts, Tulika :)

  7. What a lovely lovely week :).. and I really liked SRK in this movie too! OK I confess, love him or hate him, I've watched literally every one of his movies :P

  8. That bag is really pretty!! I have got to watch Queen; hearing so much about it!

  9. Those Guhiyas look divine, divine!

  10. I can't wait to watch Queen!! :)
    Have I told you how much I love your happiness posts?
    The bag is lovely!

    I loved SRK in Chak De too!! What a movie na?! :D

    1. Absolutely wonderful film.. Chak De, I mean. And of course Queen's a treat too.


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