Happiness roundup - Week 11

Week 11, here I am. I know I'm late - this post was supposed to go up on Sunday but I've just not found the time. If you're interested enough to wonder why.. well I'm taking part in the April A to Z Challenge  that requires me to post everyday in April. With the holidays looming large I'm trying to finish off as many drafts as I possibly can. So while I might not seem up and about on my blog I've been having an extremely stimulating week in the company of some AMAZING AUTHORS, which is my theme for the Challenge. (There, that's the first bit of publicity I've done for myself!)

And before I get back to the company of great minds here's my list of happy things this week.

1. A heap of watermelon..

Yay! summer is here and watermelons can be breakfast, lunch, dinner or a midday snack. Love them.

2. Crafting crowns..

...with the kids. I love it when they sit together and make things although I have no idea what brought on this crown fixation.

3. A clean house..

... after the weekend. Those of you who do not have kids cannot even begin to imagine how messy the house gets over the weekend. On a cool Monday morning, when I get back from the gym to find the house spic and span it so makes my day. It's almost like the maid has a magic wand. Such happiness!

4. Tea on skates..

H decided making tea was getting a bit too boring and that he needed to spice things up a bit. So this is how he delivered my evening chai. I had my heart in my mouth but well excitement is happiness too. Right? And he did manage to deliver without mishap.

5. A healthy colourful breakfast

Mung sprouts.. yum!

6. Flowers for me

..by me. Sometimes it's nice to be nice to yourself.

7. Shopping for gifts

One of the best parts of going home for the summers is the shopping. Getting gifts for everyone at home is one of my favourite tasks. And so when the kids left for a birthday party this I spent two hours splurging on goodies. Super fun.