Happiness Update - Week 9

Here's last week's happiness update. I'm sure you guys know the drill by now so without much ado here's what made me happy.

1.The Husband coming back home after almost a week

Such happiness.. I do need my jousting partner around.

2.... laden with boxes of special Lakhnawi mithai..

There was a box ONLY for me with this...

That's Sohan halwa for the uninitiated. How I love love it but it has so much ghee that you can actually see a white layer when you bite into it. I was sent just two pieces so I don't overindulge. I swear the parents keep tabs on my weight from across hundreds of kms! Of course I refused to share.

3. A non birthday present from the sister

Aren't they gorgeous?

4. Becoming redundant bit by bit

This one is relief, pride, happiness all rolled into one. It's so great to watch the kids grow independent.

4. Chaste Urdu from an autowallah

This sure made my day. As I was handing out change to the autowallah 'Shukriya' said he in such perfect diction and so politely that I was transported back home right away. No offence against the local Marathi but no language in the world can parallel the sweetness, grace or the elegance of Urdu.

5. A late night cup of tea with The Husband.

This used to be a ritual before he joined the gym and started crashing with the kids. Now it's a rare thing to be cherished.

6. A big tight hug

Umm... nothing beats this.
The picture is an old one but the hug was just as warm

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