K is for kiddie talk

My blog's in imminent danger of dying... of boredom. Hence today I bring out my star performers to perk things up - my bachchas - a tried and tested way to infuse some life in this space. 

They're growing up fast and instances of me laughing at their expense are getting fewer. Not far is the day when they'll be laughing at me. Quite like my niece. She was puzzled when her mum (my cousin) started signing off her messages with Lol.  It was much later that she discovered my cousin thought Lol stood for 'Lots of Love'. That now is a family joke.

The point I'm trying to make is that before the kids get a chance to laugh at me I might as well enjoy their little gaffes. 

These are dedicated to my son, H. Here goes..

He was passing me empty bottles as I filled them up with water. And he says, "We're almost done Ma. There's one bottle that's half filled and this last one is already... Fulfilled."

Another day in the kitchen he watched me flip over a pancake, completely awed. (I swear only my kids are awed by my cooking skills). Then says he, "Mama you're such a great cooker." Come to think of it 'Cookie' suits me better. And while we're at it.. I'm a great mixer too.

While holidaying at a resort he drove us crazy saying he wanted to play Goose Ball. Wondering what that is.. take a look...

 While telling me about an exceptionally naughty classmate he concluded with, "I think his marbles are lost... his adaptation of 'Losing one's marbles'.

So what's the funniest thing your kids have said to you?

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