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It's the day for Blog Love. Day 2 at the  Write Tribe Festival of Words asks us to talk about our favourite blogs. 

This one's a toughie for me. There really are too many to choose from. The ones I go to most often are of course the mommy blogs, then there crafty blogs, food blogs, movie blogs and some political and social ones too.. I'm completely lost.
As usual when I cannot think clearly I make out a list.

Here are my top four

1. The Mad Momma at
I read the madmomma for her non-nonsense yet sensitive approach to parenting and life. I love the warmth that comes through in her blog. I love the way she celebrates the differences of her kids. There's humour and philosophy amidst the daily chatter, though I wouldn't mind that either.

2. The Orange Rhino at
Here's another amazing mum.... to four boys. She's on a 365 day no-yelling journey! That in itself is miraculous enough for me to want to read what she writes. Add to it liberal doses of humour and straight from the heart talk and the blog's a total delight.  I've blogged about her earlier too because I find her such an inspiration. 

3. The life and times of an Indian Homemaker at
You couldn't have missed this one if you've been blogging for sometime. I love the issues taken up and enjoy this perspective of happenings around us.

4. Artsy Crafty mum at
This where I turn to for all things artsy craftsy. Fun crafts, school projects, fancy dress costumes, birthday party decor it's all here. In desperate times I've even dropped her a mail and have always had help.

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

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