100 Happy days - Week 12

It seems like the Happiness Day post has shifted from Sunday to Tuesday - I find I'm not able to get around to it at all before that. I've been so caught up with the April A to Z Challenge that I've barely got mindspace for anything else. Add to that the impending holidays and I'm in a rush to finish lots of things before I have the kids home all day. That is, however, not to say that happy things have not been happening. 

This week for me Happiness was in..

...Heart shaped dosas

at N's request.

..the kids performing together at school 

The happiness is in the 'together' because it had never happened before. There were upmteen practice sessions at home, right before bedtime when my patience is at its lowest. But watching them trying to match steps (which never did happen since H is just not good at it) was so much fun.

...cooking up a dessert

We (the kids and I) made this. One of the easiest desserts that looks pretty enough to satisfy even N's critical eye.

 A game of carom

Oh we had a ball... what a match it was!

... a relaxed lunch.

When I have someone over for lunch, no matter how informal, I often get stressed. Don't ask me why. It's the whole deal with trying to keep the house in order and getting everything without burning, spilling or spoiling onto the table. This week we had the SIL and her family over and surprisingly enough it was just a lot of fun. There's nothing like a long relaxed afternoon in the company of people you enjoy hanging out with.

.... a happy gift.

Our order for craft supplies arrived from a spoonfullofideas.com (do check out the site if you like crafting) and there was much excitement. Since the package was addressed to the kids I had no chance at opening it even though I was more excited than them. Looking forward to some happy crafting.

..chatting books while on the treadmill

I'd mentioned a few weeks ago about my friend J who'd dragged me to the gym one fateful Saturday. Well our Saturday gym dates have become a regular feature and give a super start to my weekend. This Saturday we found ourselves discussing books while on the treadmill. Perfect!

So that's it - that's my happiness roundup. 

I do hope to make it right and get the next installment done this Sunday. Meanwhile all of you - be happy.