Happiness Update - Week 13

So my happiness post was supposed to come on Sunday, then moved to Tuesday and this time it's Wednesday. Blame it on a super busy schedule, a bunch of packing and worst of all a Net connection that just disappeared for almost all of yesterday and half of today.

I take a quick break from the 'amazing author' deluge for my Happiness Update.

Here's what made me happy this week.

Cool breeze and the company of friends

As the holidays kicked off and with no hurry to put the kids to bed I've spent the evenings down in the garden lounging out with friends till late. Pure bliss!

A trek

It truly tops my happiness list. This weekend we trekked up to Sinhagarh Fort with our buddies from the gym. There were parts when I thought I'd never make it. But I did and in the process I made fun friends, sampled never eaten before Maharashtrian food and spent half a day unapologetically making myself happy. I'm hoping I'll do a post soon.

That's the view from the top

Packing for home!

Packing is just as much fun as unpacking is a pain. I'm all set for a month of holiday. And the kids helped. I made out lists of what they should put into their bags and handed it out to them. It was fun to see them scurrying around ticking off stuff. Still have to do a final check.

Trying to make your little one smile

Sometimes, just sometimes, this is so much fun. Check out this sulky little girl. The Husband and I, managed to get that smile back after some hard labour!

A good movie

Caught Mirror Mirror on the tele. Such a fun take on Snow White! Julia Roberts is the amazing step mother and Snow White rescues the prince. My kind of movie.

A tub of ice cream

Chocolate chip, it was!

Tomorrow I travel to Lucknow for a month of happy holidays.. Parents, in-laws, siblings, nephews, uncles, aunts..... cannot wait. Hope to keep this space alive.

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