Happiness Update - Week 15

In January this year, prompted by this site here http://100happydays.com/, I took on the 100 happy days challenge. The idea was to find one happy thing everyday and upload a picture, 100 days in a row. Apprehensive about the commitment I opted for a weekly update in my blog. Today I am in week 15. The 100 days are up and what a fun ride this has been! I found myself looking at the many many tiny things that make me happy - A hug from the kids, a coffee with friends, a hard workout at the gym, a long forgotten song on the radio... so so many things that bring on a smile.

Oh I've faltered.. many times. There cannot be good days without the bad ones, can there? However I do sense a change, in me - an attitude to dig out the good from the bad. And that's a real gain.

I will not say this is my last Happiness post for this is something I intend to stick with.

We are in the middle of summer vacations. This is the one time of the year when I get to enjoy living in a joint family.. well sort of, since we have four or five close relatives living close by. It's fun hopping around from one house to the other - a lunch here, a dinner there and a sleepover somewhere else. The kids are of course thrilled being with cousins and aunts and being spoilt silly by the numerous grandparents with the authority to overrule big bad mama! Life's good.

So here is my this week's list of happy things...


The morning nature walk

Over the last few years some wonderful gardens and parks have come up in Lucknow. The sister and I packed off with the kids one morning and such fun it was. The kids went a bit crazy picking up jungle jalebis, exclaiming at the flowers, running on the walkways. The weather gods have been exceptionally kind and it was such a treat.

Playing old favourite board games

Snakes and ladders and Ludo.. such eternal favourites.

..and discovering some new ones

The kids discovered pictionary this year. We had a riot of a match drawing and guessing. A lot of rules were our own but then who cared?

Finding a teacher in a cousin

To my immense relief I found one of my older nephews teaching the tables to N. She proudly came to me asking me to quiz her and maxed the 'dodging'. Happiness!

Washing the car

Anything to do with water is fun, right? So one morning spent washing the car was such thrill. N scrubbed and polished and then made everyone exclaim at how the car had never looked as wonderful.

Mama's day out..

.. with my sister and the SIL. We caught a film and then some amazing lunch. Such a wonderful luxury to know the kids are safe and happy at home with the grandparents!

A choice of sleepovers

We're spoilt for choice here with a bunch of relatives' homes to choose from. H and N have different choices and each morning we spend some happy hours figuring out who will go where for the day. 

That's it from me folks. See you tomorrow in a new week with a new author for the April Challenge.

Keep the smiles coming.

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