Just do it!

All I have thought about over the last month is books and authors, in strict alphabetical order! And so when Sunday struck and it was time for break from the A to Z Challenge I felt a bit bereft.

And so I turned to my old forgotten friend, Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt for help. The prompt for this week is 'Just do it'.. and I did just that with a simple 55er. 

She lay on the floor, tired, helpless.
He towered over her, waiting, watching.
“Don’t make me do this,” she pleaded.
“You have to,” he growled.
She hated him. She hated having to do this day after day.
‘Please,” she begged, “I’ll die.”
Come on just do it! 20 crunches never killed anyone,” insisted her trainer.

Till tomorrow then it's au revoir. We'll meet again with another story about another author.

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