The chain

The kids, small and determined, surrounded their friend.
The men, large and threatening, sneered as they watched.
"Move," ordered the leader.
"Never," chorused the kids.
"We have come to take him you cannot stop us."
"He's a pal of our childhood, he stays right here."

"We'll take him by force," - the threats got louder.
The chain of kids simply closed in tighter.
The men moved forward.
The children steeled themselves.
Large hands pulled. Small ones resisted.

And then they hit out at the weakest link.
Oh they were smart they could spot the chinks.
One large shove and the deed was done,
Dangling on the chain was the Tiniest One.

Their friend lay exposed and the little ones watched
as they hacked him to pieces with axes and saws.

Edited to add: This post was inspired from an instance in Faridpur, India when authorities decided to cut down trees to widen roads. Over a hundred students, teachers, social workers and nature lovers got together to form a human chain to protest the move.

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