One happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all fellow mums. Not that we need a special day.. yet I bet yesterday was special. Mine was too. I was plied with gifts through the day. 

Check out my booty..

1. Moments of peace

My first gift of the day was a ceasefire. "No fighting today, mama," they declared to me (like I was responsible for all the fighting that goes on through the day), "because it is Mother's Day and you hate it when we fight." 

So there was peace. 


.... For a full ten minutes!! 

2. A Sea Horse card 

... from my son who is in the 'water kingdom' phase.

Other mums in the family got a fish, a seal, a water snake and a snail card!

3. Some great advice

....from my daughter - to celebrate Mother's Day at Mc Donald's'. Consumerism's sure caught up with the kids.

4. A pet bunny

5. And I got my portrait done too

... by my daughter.

Just perfect.

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