Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The tragic pumpkin

Listlessly she watched mum haggling with the vendor. She hated vegetable shopping. She hated vegetables - slimy things that made dinner times a trial. She glared at the fat pumpkin on the shelf.
And then it heaved a sigh. She stared. Two huge tears rolled down its ‘cheeks’. Could it hear her think? ‘Yes I can,’ said he. Said? She couldn’t believe it. ‘I cannot believe it…’, he sniffed, ‘…you hate me so.' The sniff turned into wracking sobs and then to her absolute shock the pumpkin exploded.
‘May I please have pumpkin for lunch?’ she asked her mum next morning.

The topic for the 100 word drabble on day 2 at the Marathon Bloggers Drabble Week is "The pumpkin exploded". This is a story I picked from the twins' childhood... okay babyhood.


  1. I love, love, love this take! Hugging you dearly :) What an adorable child!

  2. :-D thanks Shailaja. You know exactly how much thought went into that one!

  3. The pumpkin committed suicide over rejection! I like the take. The mother's thoughts poured over, I guess :-)))

    1. Hee hee Uma. At 10 in the night this was all I could come up with.

  4. OMG :D Special hugs to the pumpkin lover :D How sensitive children are :P


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