Dragons and giants at the book club

Come Saturday and it was the second meeting of The Book Club. Since our last story was about a dragon we kicked off with a craft activity - making a dragon out of paper cups. It was fun if a little chaotic, but the kids seem to thrive on the confusion.

Hard at work
This is what they looked like.. Not very 'scary dragonish' but dragons nonetheless. As one of the kids put it, 'It doesn't need to look scary since the dragon of our story was a nice one.' Which was of course undebatable!


I have to add that N behaved perfectly while H was as much trouble as possible. Twice I turned him out and twice I took him back in. 

Story of the week

The story for the day was The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. The older kids were thrilled because apparently they were doing it in school too. Like last time, they were all eager to read, which is suprising since I thought that would be too much like school and they wouldn't like it. Rather than an exercise in reading it turned out to be an exercise in patience as they waited for their turn. 

Over chips and biscuits we dealt with some interesting words. We took turns trying to talk in a 'gruff' voice like a giant. We discussed the difference between frost and snow. The kids wanted to know what hail was too. One of the girls wondered what a peach looked like and because we happened to have one it was seen and duly appreciated. The demand for more chips was firmly declined because often mouths were found to be too full to read!

Then we stumbled upon some similes and metaphors and so we talked about them. Here's how the kids figured out the difference.
Simile: H is as naughty as a monkey.
Metaphor: H is a monkey.

So his naughtiness wasn't in vain after all!

We had barely done half the story and it was way past our stipulated time of one hour so it was a wrap.

For next week..

Activity on The Selfish Giant

I'm at a bit of a loss on this. I thought we could maybe...

1. Make a 'perfect garden' diorama together. However, it's the 'together' that might pose problems unless I plan and allocate tasks.

2. Or maybe they could make their own gardens out of playdough but that would involve arranging for boxes. I definitely do not want to pressure the mums at home.

3. Or we could do something on winter fruits and flowers.

What do you think? Which one should I go with? Do drop a line if you can think of anything else to do with giants, winter, selfishness, gardens. I'm hoping I can figure something out till the next meeting.

The story for next week

...is almost decided - The Happy Prince. Another one from Oscar Wilde. Maybe I can tell them a bit about the author too then. Or, if Amazon obliges, I'll take up We the Children of India by Leila Seth. This one is suggested by my sister. Thank you S.

Huge thanks to all of you too for your suggestions from last week. I'm already on the lookout for a story that can be acted out like Cathy suggestedUma, special thanks to you. Pratham books has some great titles as well as Art Tales. Sangeetha those quizzes are a great idea but I'm keeping them for later. For a month at least the focus is completely on having fun. Taking baby steps.

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