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A let down

Book club Saturday began on a bit of a disappointing note (for me) because only two children had read the story and that was really sad. It's just five or six pages (and in 14 point size - that's huge) The thing is the kids like to read and they enjoy the story but once they're home, other things take over - TV, computer games, friends, but mostly TV... and the story lies forgotten till the next Book Club Meeting. 

I wish we had limited TV transmission. Yeah I know I know that's selfish and impractical and that TV has it's uses. Eight months of bedrest during pregnancy taught me that well enough. 
Wish i could put that on all TV sets!

It's just that it's SO ADDICTIVE!! Sigh! 

And then I reminded myself that it had been just a month. 

I was wondering if I should ask the moms to tell the kids to finish the story. I had not wanted to involve them because the moment there's any kind of pressure and the reading becomes a compulsion it loses it's fun. I'm still a bit undecided on this one. I certainly do not want the moms to push but maybe reminding and encouraging the kids would help. Or maybe they could get the kids to read just a page a day, before they sleep. It would hardly take five minutes.. yes five minutes, that's it. 

My other problem is H! He is completely disruptive, to put it mildly. No amount of talking is helping. He argues and wants to read first and hates to hear a 'No'. Help guys. What should I do? A bit at a loss here.

The meeting..

And so we spent the first half of the meeting finishing the story. Then we went on to talk about the Firebird and what it would look like. 'I don't know' was the first response. Then slowly they came up with wonderfully imaginative descriptions and together we made up a fantastic creature. And then we talked about other imaginary birds and animals... Centaurs, Phoenix and Unicorns.

A Turkish Story 

I was pretty excited about the story for the day. Actually I've stumbled upon a site packed with stories from across the world. I picked the story of a boy in a small English village. He has a Turkish father and an English mother. The story talked about cultural differences and how what's right in one country may not be so in another one. 

Time always falls short and we intend to continue the discussion today along with finding Turkey and England on the Globe. 

This Saturday ..

I have another lovely story called 'Home' about a young Sri Lankan Girl who has to move to London.

Wish me luck guys.

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