Sickbay tales

This Friday while everyone was welcoming Ganapati, N, the strong one, the girl who never falls ill, caught the virus. She'd been up early morning and dressed in all her festive finery ready to go visiting all the Ganapatis that were arriving at our friends' and relatives' homes. Even as I sponged her burning forehead she refused to change out of the Chaniya Choli confident that she'd be up and about soon. After all, she never did fall I'll. 

H wandered about listlessly with nothing to do since his favourite 'toy' was out of action and the house was so so quiet. By the night, as expected, he followed suit. 

Next morning The Husband was travelling for work and I spent my day sitting between the two children sponging them turn by turn. N opened her feverish eyes once to murmur happily, 'our house looks like a sick-bay' and then went off to sleep again.  Why she seemed so happy about that, I have no clue. Meanwhile the Husband caught the virus too and slept his days off in his hotel room!

H firmly believes what N can do, he can do better and so he decided to have rashes along with the fever and I was rushing to the ped yet again. To make matters even more interesting they got calf-cramps, apparently that's a viral side effect. They couldn't stand or walk and proceeded to crawl all over the house like one year olds. No, the option of sitting in one place was not an option at all.


Finally day 6 sees them better. The biggest problem has been FOOD. They just do not want the regular stuff and my limited cooking skills have been stretched to the limit.

I've had a hard time steering them off television, with limited success. Today, however they spent the day making Teacher's Day cards and gifts all on their own. Yeah sometimes I do get the feel that they're growing up after all.  

Those rolls are 'pencils' which they intend filling up with sweets.
And that's a 'tippy tippy top' with a straw pushed through to make a flower. 
So that's what the week's been like! I still haven't managed to go Ganapati visiting. Hoping the next few days will bring better health and some peace to our home.

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