Super news at The Book Club!

Remember how I was feeling very let down last weekend because hardly any of the kids had read their stories? Like some of you suggested I thought an incentive would be a good idea. I welcomed the kids armed with a bunch of Perks and when I asked, 'So how many of you read the story today?' ALL hands went up. 

Each and every one of them. 

And they had drawn the Firebird too. Here are some of them. Take a look..

Such happiness. Oh I know next week they might not read the story again but that doesn't stop me being happy now.

Earlier in the day N and her friend decided to make 'posters' for The Book Club. The language is not all perfect but I liked the sentiment.

"I am mad for books"
"Reading is the best. I love reading" "Even if it is raining, still I will read"
Not sure what that means! :-)
Cute aren't they? 
And then H, the biggest TV addict in the family, pitched in at the last minute with one of his too.

And No, there was no prompting from me at all. I was amazed at how they echoed my thoughts from the previous post. 

The activity

We paired up the kids (except N, who wanted to go solo!) and played dumb charades of book names. There was plenty of whispering and giggling and laughing till they came up with their acts. After we finished one of the girls remarked, 'Aunty our book club is the best because we have the coolest activities.' I'll be satisfied with that for now and will wait for the day they say 'We're the best because we read the coolest books'. Yes, I'm ambitious.

The new story

Mercifully we had few disturbances (specially from H and N) and so could read most of the story. Titled 'Home' it told the tale of a Srilankan girl who has to move away from her small village to London. It talked about the concept of home and how it's not a 'place' but people who make up a home. I am hoping the lessons they pick up here will stand them in good stead later on in life.

The plan for this week... to explore Srilanka a bit. And another story spinning session (with a difference).
And of course we'll have a brand new story, one on dinosaurs. This one has been chosen by H. In fact beginning this week I was thinking, once a month we could take turns to let the children share a story they've read and enjoyed.

Before I sign off - A huge thank you for keeping up with us and for your suggestions. Do keep them coming. Book/reading related crafts and activities or anything to enhance their creativity would be very very welcome. And of course if you stumble upon a good story do do let me know.

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