7 reasons why non-dancers should Zumba

Really does happen

The music is the awesomest 

It fills your head completely. 
Your ears ring with it hours after the session is over. No matter where you hear it even though you’re rooted to the chair or the ground (yeah we‘re talking self-conscious non dancers here) you’re dancing in your head every bit as well as your instructor does.

You make the coolest friends

and that’s one of the most delightful outcomes. I mean how can you not bond with people with whom you’re making a fool of yourself, each day for an hour? It’s a partners-in-crime kind of bonding - the strongest kind.

It’s liberating ...

..to not have to worry about who’s thinking what and about who’s watching. (Everyone’s too busy getting their steps right, anyway). Only my two-left footed friends will fully appreciate how wonderful this feels. Nowhere else in the world would I try the stuff I do in that Zumba room. Okay.. maybe ‘try to do’ would be more accurate but what the heck! it doesn’t really matter.
I totally adore this one.
'Accidental solos' :-)
I do a lot of those.

It’s a no-pressure fun thing

This is no treadmill- crosstrainer routine so it’s not a predictable, same-same everyday kind of thing. It’s a new day everyday. And it's not a dance either so there's no ONE PERFECT way to do it.

You collect endorphins for the whole day

– that happy hormone that causes euphoria and tides you through stress. Wiki tells me that exercising releases endorphins. It adds that smiling, eating and gossipping also ‘do the trick’. Well Zumba takes care of the smiling bit (we do a lot of that, I might add) and gossipping in the dance breaks is the norm. Now if only I could grab a bite of chocolate along, life would so be complete.

Your stamina goes up like crazy

If you can stay moving on your feet for one full hour – not just moving moving but jumping, bending, lunging - well that’s stamina, right?

You might actually lose weight

but that’s such a side effect - a desirable one - but a side effect nonetheless.

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