One last 2014 post

Happy New Year folks!!

I find I cannot get on with my posting without one last 2014 post even if we're already sitting in the second week of the new year.

Of course, this should have ideally come at the year-end but it never did happen. Seriously, I always wonder how most bloggers manage to post bang at the right time - right before a big day or after a celebration. Never ever have I managed that - which is why most festivals and birthdays sail by without a mention.

Sigh! That's one of my resolutions then. 

On with the news now..

Our Christmas play went of wonderfully and was much appreciated. That the audience was made up half of doting moms and dads and half of people who were simply glad to see the kids kept out of their way, may have something to do with it. Since many parents didn't arrive in time, it being a working day, we had two runs of the play back to back for those who missed it.

What's more, the kids brought out the Christmas spirit in our fuddy-duddy apartment members. An 'uncle' brought cake for everyone - enough to feed an army, an enterprising mom turned up with homemade chocolates, at least two others brought more bunches of chocolates and still another one got tiny gift wrapped 'Christmas trees', real plants, for each of the kids. One of them dressed up her little daughter as Santa and there she was - distributing sweets to adults and kids alike.

And the best part - none of it was planned, other than the play. Each of the other acts were individual acts of affection and camaraderie in true Christmas Spirit. The children of course felt on top of the world and went on to have quite a party.

Preparations are already underway for Republic Day.

By the time 2015 rolled along, I'd turned another year older and we rounded off with a wonderful family get-together at Goa.

I'll leave you with some pictures and hope to get back really really fast.

Looking forward to a wonderful New Year.

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