O is for the Ordinary

I love Ordinary. The plain old, simple unexciting Ordinary. Once upon a time I used to be the Ordinary kind of person - the one who prefers the extraordinary. However, along came the twins and turned the whole equation upside down. Suddenly the Ordinary became extraordinary while extraordinary turned Ordinary. Do I have you all confused?

Well sample this:

The world is full of children, right? Google tells me 4 new ones are added every second. So it should be a pretty Ordinary thing that I got some too, right? Wrong. It's a completely Extraordinary feeling to have them.

.. and this

Think of simple every day stuff - smiling, walking, talking, dancing, singing - all kids learn to do it. But when the twins did all of that, yeah, just then it became extraordinary.
There's more to it. 

The twins magically transform Ordinary things into extraordinary. Take a look..

Getting to read the morning news - Extraordinary
A five minute bath without having to answer fifty questions - Extraordinary
An uninterrupted telephone call - Extraordinary.
A good night's sleep  - Extraordinary
A walk from one room to the other without tripping on toys/clothes/crayons/shoes/glasses/food - Extraordinary.

And some extraordinary stuff turned magically Ordinary:

Scraped knees and bleeding elbows - Ordinary
Sleeping with a head stuck at my waist and a pair of toes up my nose - Ordinary.
Poop talk in public - Ordinary. (though we're working on keeping it down as the kids enter their sensitive tweens).
Bottles of perfumes and deodorants magically emptying out within days - Ordinary
Lipsticks breaking themselves - Ordinary
Half eaten bread hidden away in sofa folds and under beds - Ordinary
Finding your favourite shirt cut up and made into doll clothes - Ordinary

Life sure has changed. Not that I'd have it any other way but I will say this - an 'Ordinary' day sure becomes 'Extraordinary' after you become a mum.

Linking to ABC Wednesday for the letter O. Thanks to Mrs Nesbitt who brought us all together with this wonderful meme.

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