A gratitude post

There's something peculiar about how time flies between posts. I checked back and realised almost three weeks had gone by since I last wrote. Going through my posts I also realised I have been sounding upset and angry and overworked.. which is true to some extent, however it's not like I haven't had my happy moments. And so today I shall try to count my blessings.

Here are 10 things that made me happy and/or grateful.

1. The Husband came home after a harrowing time at the Chennai floods with scary tales of being stranded without food (that he's a diabetic made it worse) yet also with heartwarming stories of strangers lending a helping hand. A man on the road lent him his phone to call us (since his died out), a small kiosk owner lent him money (because the ATMs were all down) and another one got him food. It was amazing how adversity brought out the best in so many people.

That’s definitely something to be grateful for.

2. My relationship with the gym has seen more misses than hits these last few months. However I've managed to include a walk most mornings. That it is in the company of some good friends and great conversation makes it something I truly look forward to. 

3. And the days I do manage to go, for a Zumba session that one hour is without fail the happiest hour of my day.

4. At a function in our apartment complex H and N put up a performance together and did pretty well. That's reason to rejoice - not that they did it well but that did something TOGETHER without absolutely killing each other. They recited an edited version of the TV poem from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -  a most delightful read.

5. Another happiness comes from the Book Club which is back on it's feet. Despite having a million things on my mind, I've managed to keep it going simply because that one hour with the children makes me happy. It's a bit of a struggle but is completely worth it. 

6. I got some long pending chores done all on my own. I won't go into what they were (mind numbingly boring stuff mostly, including painting the house) but I did get successively happier with each tick on the to-do list.

7. The next happiness is courtesy my daughter. N has been on a good behaviour streak for some time now (even as I write this I feel I'm jinxing it) and that's been a source of happiness and gratitude. An evening spent struggling with her homework all on her own is a tiny miracle for a reluctant academic like her.

8. The husband's absence these past few months made me handle chores which were essentially 'his' territory and he was duly impressed even though I'll had to hit him on the head to make him admit it. But he knows. And I know that he knows and He knows that I know that he knows... so it's a yay!

9. Holidays are round the corner and I am beginning to feel all Christmasy and holidayee. I hear carols around me and the kids have put up the Christmas tree already. Good things are round the corner, I'm sure.

10.... And lastly, finally finally I managed a post.

There! Those are the things that made up my happiness. Your turn now - tell me what made you happy.

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