The end-of-year post

I am glad 2015 is ending. It was a tough year. And I have a hypothesis why - a trifle hare-brained but a hypothesis nonetheless.

Let me first state that I'm not superstitious. That said, I did read somewhere that the number 8 is ruled by Saturn and that people who are a number 8 (who's date of birth adds up to  8) are often faced with obstacles. Extending the same logic to the year (Don't ask my why, don't even bother to think if it makes sense) I figured since it was a no 8 (2+0+1+5) it had to be a tough one.

Go ahead laugh away but you had been warned.

The Husband was away (and unhappy) for most of the year and the kids and I got onto each other's nerves. They faked unending illnesses and drove me crazy and if they'd be blogging they probably write how I'd driven them up the wall with my impatient ways and my continuous yelling. Sigh! Nope, none of us has been easy to live with.

Later in the year a very good friend, a kind of 3am buddy, moved away to a different country. Even though we weren't together all the while we did make time for much needed coffee dates and I could talk to her about pretty much anything. That is rather rare because although I talk a lot (to almost anyone) I don't share much of the real stuff easily.

Then our Zumba instructor quit and my exercise schedule crashed. Only if you are an exercise regular will you realise how dreadful that can be. It plays havoc with your fitness  and what's worse, it makes you unhappy and crabby and totally unfit for any kind of company.

However as the year ends things are seeming to fall into place and I have a good feeling about 2016 - it's a nice number 9 :-). I'm not a resolution person - one year is really too long a time to stick to even one of them. However I can hope and make a wish. And while I'm at it why make just one? So here's what I wish for me in the new year.

With the Husband readying for a new assignment and the kids entrenched firmly in their tweens change is set to be the new constant of my life. I like routine and work best to a plan so change is my undoing. The plan for this year is to be ready with a constantly changing plan. That's my first wish:

Welcome change.

Next on the list is trust. Trust in myself. When it comes to decisions that concern me or the kids I know best, and I need to remember that. Nobody is in my shoes, no one - not my neighbour, not my best friend not even my sister or my mom. And if I make mistakes, well they're mine to own and I shall live with them. This, I need to remember: 

Trust 'me'.

This year I met up with a friend who swears by The Secret. I tried reading the book but didn't quite take to it. However I do believe in the power of positive thinking. Here's the mantra she gave me, 'Focus on what you want, don't obsess about the 'how' or about the obstacles that will stall you - things have a way of falling in place. I like the sound of that. And so that's the third wish:

Believe first, then make it happen.

I'm a master procastinator. Being on my own means there's no one to push me to do things and so the status quo just goes on and on till it can no longer wait and then I have this avalanche of work to deal with and I end up feeling completely overwhelmed. That's my next mantra:

Put off procrastination. 

Fitness is always on my mind however what I need is consistency. Here goes my next wish for myself: One form of exercise everyday baring Sundays - Walk/Zumba/Weights whatever but:

An hour of exercise. 

And lastly for obvious reasons I wish for me, 


...lots and lots of it.

What is it that you wish for yourself in the new year? Hope you get it all and that 2016 is as perfect as it can get.

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