How to snatch a siesta from the jaws of 4-yr-olds

Long ago when I was in school I read a piece about a dad who devised games to ensure he got his forty winks each afternoon. I have no clue why it stayed with me. Perhaps God was preparing me for the twins even when I was a carefree teen. Faced with long summer afternoons when I couldn’t keep my eyes open unless I stuck my lids to my brows while the twins bubbled with unfathomable energy I came up with my own games to keep them busy while I caught my nap. 

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Read on and you might find something you can use.

 1. You Lilliputians me Gulliver
So Gulliver is washed up from the ocean and lies sprawled on the shore (that’s you on your cool bedroom floor). The Lilliputians (that's the twins) busy themselves tying him up to sofa and table legs, making speeches (Who is this giant? Where did he come from?) and organizing meetings (What should be done with him? How shall we feed him). And you get your siesta.

2. You Ram/Raavan me Kumbhakaran
Ram might have come to Sita’s rescue in this classic Indian tale but it was Kumbhakaran who will come to yours. What’s not to like in a giant who got to sleep six months a year, ate for the other six and threw in a punch or two when required? While the kids fight it out as Ram or Raavan you catch your forty winks. Let the drums beat on and the trumpets be blown, Kumbhakaran shall sleep on. The nose ticking can get to you once in a while otherwise life’s good. If your child is anything like my H he’s sorted for Raavan. The other can choose between the righteous Ram or the tragic Sita.

3. You Prince Charming me Sleeping Beauty
You of course are the sleeping beauty (whether you’re a mom or a dad is quite immaterial). Your child is Prince Charming hacking and fighting his way desperately through the enchanted forest to save you, while you hope and pray he takes his time.
The other twin poses a bit of a problem. If she is like N she might fancy herself the princess. All you have to do then, is to convince her that the role offers no chance to show off her acting prowess (yeah, we parents are creative). And so she shall become the evil fairy slyly putting obstacles in the noble prince’s path. The prince is delayed (Yay!) and both are occupied (Double Yay!).

4. You the parlour help me a customer
Set out interesting looking paraphernalia – a bottle of spray filled with imaginary water, (there’s nothing worse than being shocked out of a blissful sleep with a cold spray of water while you’re probably dreaming of deep unending sleep), some bowls with tiny bits of cream (hand them over the bottle and rest assured they’ll empty it out) and some slices of cucumber. Find a soft sofa or bed, close your eyes and bliss out.

Caution: Don’t let small things like spilt water or half eaten cucumber slices faze you – you did get your siesta, didn’t you?

5. You captor/saviour me the hostage
This classic game was absolutely designed for parents. One of the kids is your evil captor and the other your noble savior. Give them soft bits of twine (Stoles, scarves and dupattas work best) and let them tie you up – make sure you’re comfortable. Let them drag you to a deep dark cave (essentially your bedroom, with the curtains drawn and lights switched off). Let them fight it out then while you sneak in your catnap.

PS: Don't let gender issues put you off. If you're ready to play Gulliver/Sleeping Beauty your son/daughter will be Prince or Sita or Raavan happily. Kids have incredible imaginations. And it's a good place to begin smashing the stereotypes, what say? The siesta is the icing, or was it the cake to begin with?

Happy Napping folks!

This one is done for the prompt 'How to...' given by the the wonderful folks at Marathon Bloggers.

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