The things I've seen this morning

A woman hanging from a rope, another one draped on a stand with her head hanging back. A man with his legs strung across his shoulders, another one with his hands and feet hopelessly entangled while a third one sits calmly cross-legged.

Those are the things I've seen this morning at yoga class.

It’s ages since I did a 55er. I thought I’d try one for this prompt.

I won’t stop there though, because I have to tell you about my new experiment with yoga. Let me begin by saying that I took it up once before for about two years and found is quite magical. The twins weren't yet two and I was on the verge of going completely crazy. Yoga then wasn’t about weightloss. I looked upon it as the only me time I was likely to have through the day. It turned out to be way more than that. I always came away with a sense of peace and well-being from the sessions. It helped that the instructor was coming home and I had the kids close by.

With the twins entering their tweens, the 'going crazy' feeling is closing up on me again and I thought I could do with some peace of mind along with my exercise. Also, with my knees getting worse I knew my days with Zumba were numbered. Yoga it had to be.

However, it has just not been the same.

To begin with the class starts right at the time that twin’s bus arrives so I’m not there to wave them goodbye and that doesn’t make me too happy. Yeah they’re almost ten but N makes this huge show of not wanting me to go while hardly bothering with me when I’m there. Kids, I tell you! They’re champions at starting off guilt trips. 

Besides, there are too many people at the class. When we had the instructor coming home we were just three friends and had undivided attention. My spondilitis has only made it worse. I cannot do many of the asans and that bugs me no end, specially when it's something I could do earlier or when I see people around me doing it with relative ease.

It doesn’t help to have Zumba songs playing in my head during meditation. I feel like I’m being unfaithful (To Zumba or Yoga, I haven't quite figured out). Sigh! 

Maybe another time, another class, another instructor. For now it’s back to the walks and the Zumba.

So what’s your most/least favourite exercise?

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