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I believe in astrology. Actually, I’m a convert - a relatively new one - since yesterday to be precise. Here’s how that happened. I woke up yesterday morning in a fairly happy frame of mind. Today the kids have their math paper and we were almost done with the portion. Then I happened to glance at my forecast for the day. Here’s what it said.

(The atmosphere and vibes at home are peaceful, and even if an argument takes you by surprise, your manner of reacting will soothe and heal.)

It only confirmed what I thought the day was going to be like. What could go wrong? The kids’ portion was done and we had the whole day ahead of us to revise.

Or so I thought!

I forgot how very fickle Math can be. Maybe the children were distracted or overconfident or simply had had enough, they just wouldn't get their sums right. It seemed like all the practise of the day before had been wiped clean. After a point they refused to do any more. I was loath to give up because I knew they could do it. However the more I pushed the more they resisted.

That's the point where things would have gone downhill had I not read that forecast. But however much an oxymoron it might seem, I was prepared to handle the ‘surprise arguments’ - to soothe and heal. :-) :-). So I let go for a while and by afternoon things were beginning to fall into place once more.

That is how the day’s prophesy for me came true and I turned into a believer. 

On a serious note I think the magic of astrology lies in believing as does the magic of success and achievement. Had my forecast said, something like Arguments-at-home-will-mess-your-day I would have probably believed that as well and despaired. But I didn’t. I hung onto my impatience because I knew I was supposed to be having a peaceful day.

This, I figured, was quite a neat little trick - one we could use with the children. All we have to do is to make them believe they are awesome and they’ll really make themselves awesome.

I’ll be looking up my forecast everyday now and making it come true, subject to the fact that it says something good. If it doesn't, I’ll be writing my own to make sure I have a good day everyday.

You can write yours too. Have a happy week.

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