Jhansi Ki Rani - N

I so wish I were a tad taller. I’m sick of not being able to reach stuff and mama always puts the most interesting things high above our reach. Not fair at all!

Today was the limit. She left our milk bottles on the table right in front of me. There they sat on the table tantalizing, almost beckoning me. Now I’m not a milk freak like bhai but I do think milk bottles make the coolest playthings. So I tried to clamber up but the table was just too high.

And then I got a brainwave. I got onto the chair, which mind you was not easy, but from there climbing onto the table was a cakewalk. When mama came out and saw me sitting there tipping the bottles around she was quite aghast. You should have seen the look on her face! The problem with her is that she still thinks I’m a baby and that I need to be looked after 24X7. The fact is I’m a big girl now and can well look out for myself. But I think mama was quite pleased about the whole affair because I overheard her telling masi on the phone that I was ‘very gutsy' which seemed like a nice thing to be.

Not for nothing does mama call me ‘Jhansi ki Rani’.

I’ve learnt to take falls and tumbles quite in my stride and wear bumps on my head and forehead with great pride. Yesterday Sophia didi knocked me down when she opened the door (I was right behind it). Today I went down with the chair when I leaned down too hard on the backrest. Once I landed from the sofa on the floor upside down, doing a handstand. It’s no big deal really.

Now bhai is a different story altogether. He always lands flat on his back with his head bang on the floor and then bawls for ages. No matter how often I remind him ‘keep your head up, keep your head up’ he ALWAYS forgets it right at the crucial moment. Guess he’ll figure it out in his own time.