Mama's day out - N

Mama went to the gym today. I would have liked to say 'mama started going to the gym today' but she's so doubtful whether she will be able to continue that she wants to take it a day at a time. She told the entire society that she'd be away for an hour and that they should keep an eye on us, as if Sophia didi wasn't enough. And that too when she went during our morning nap. It became a tad embarrassing because she was supposed to start a week back but she couldn't because both of us fell ill and everyone from our doctor to our neighbours was asking 'Have you started going to the gym?' I think it was all the pressure that finally pushed her to go today.

Anyway, she came back all sweaty but very happy. As far as I am concerned her absence was quite uneventful but bhai had a crying fit as soon as she left and didn't sleep at all. Sophia didi says he dreamt that mama would be gone and that's what made him wake up. I say that's all rubbish. Sophia didi gets these weird ideas. The other day we overheard her asking the cook, how she can ward off the evil eye from us. She was complaining that when we go down EVERYONE looks only at us. Some one just has to say 'how cute' to me or 'how chubby' to bhai to get her all worked up. Well some of it might be her imagination but we do seem to be the favourite playthings for a lot of older kids around. Sharvari and Shalmali love to take us in their godi, Ankita likes to swirl bhai and make him laugh, Trija holds our hand and makes us walk, Yash and Jai just love to pet both of us, Tamanna gets a special football keychain that Rit bhai likes to play with and Khushi hangs around us because she's too shy to say anything... and that's just some of our older pals...but Sophia didi doesn't understand that they are our friends, how can they cast an evil eye on us?

Anyway the cook did give her a recipe involving a lemon and she made mama buy it. That irritated mama no end but she did get the lemons.

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