The takeover

Finally, I decided to take over the blog, at least occasionally. Frankly, the twins are just too grown up now for me to ghost write for them. Plus there are things (when they get all naughty and unmanageable) which they would never write on their own, so I need to fill in the gaps.

Am dying for them to start writing on their own.

What brought home the fact that they were all grown up is that I've started school hunting! And I can't believe it. I mean, I still haven't got over my time at Ruby Hall... big stomach and all!! But the fact is that they're well in their first year and for them to start playschool by the time they're two, the proceedings start now.

On the progress front - they've discovered swings! N simply loves the sea-saw while H's favourite is the slide. He loves crawling up the slide and then sliding down on his stomach.