Chatathon - N

Mama's been so busy with us that she completely forgot to post our new achievements. In the meanwhile both bhai and I have started talking. I went first with k..k... for kabootar. But that was ages ago now I can almost manage the full word. What I like best about talking is that no one can pretend they can't understand what I'm trying to tell them. Believe me, things get done much faster when one learns to talk. What's even better is the look on mama's face when I surprise them with stray words. That's rather strange considering that mama has been talking to us since we were born, I mean how come she never expected us to reply? Yet when I do she is totally zapped. The other evening she said 'Neeche chalein' and I said 'chalo' and she almost fainted from shock. She told papa when he came home and he was so happy that he made me say 'chalo' over and over again till mama went crazy. Now of course I can say plenty of words like chai, come, bhai, didi, shoes, juice, cheese, crow, auto, car, bus.... quite a list.