Red n White party

Great party. Naisha sang her heart out during the carol singing. Since I was partly responsible for the choir I had to stand with them and Hrit wrestled with me throughout the singing. I had to put up with him with a smiley christmasy face when all I was feeling like doing was giving him one solid whack. And I was singing too! Sometimes Hrit is sooo unmanageable.
He quietened down once the carols were through. Then Santa came on... Hrit and Naisha are still a bit scared of him, so they refused to even shake hands even while the other kids were completely mobbing him. After a looooong time Naisha gathered the courage to shake hands and then Hrit followed. After that they became comfortable.
They enjoyed the dancing at the end of the party and were the ONLY good children who waited to get home to open their gifts. Keep it up kids... mwuuaah mwuuuaah. You are the best.
Another good thing... when they opened their gifts, I think for the first time, they said... 'this is exactly what I wanted'. Thank God... Santa breathed a sigh of relief.
Naisha loved her Barbie even though it didn't have a wand and Hrit loved his tractor trolley. Amen!

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