Desi boy, Hrit!

Hrit is such an Indian khana kid, it worries me sometimes. I wouldn't want him to be hung up on one kind of food ... I'd like him to be flexible. So at the Oberoi Mall yesterday I thought I'd introduce him to the burger - the Mc happy meal toy was another incentive. Sunil and I had to really push him to finish just half a burger. I presumed he wasn't too hungry. He slept off and then at four he woke me up with his characteristic 'Hrit mega kick' right in my stomach. He was yelling 'khana khana' in his sleep. Sunil and I woke up. I got him biscuits.. and even in his half asleep state he was sure he wanted the 'round round' biscuits.. Marie.. not the fancy cream ones. He had his biscuits, drank water and went off to sleep. Funnily enough Naisha slept peacefully through it all.. like she always does.. thank god.
Moral of the story: It's going to be idlis and khichdi for Hrit no matter where we go.
Moral 2: Naisha can sleep happily on an empty stomach, Hrit CANNOT.