An old story I forgot to tell

Damn Damn Damn … it’s Hrit Naisha’s first day of school after month-long Diwali vacations and I’ve forgotten to put back their report cards in their bags.
Mess up number two: Even when the school shut Naisha’s sports skirt had become much too short for her and I forgot to get her a new one… Tomorrow is sports day and she/I will be in deep s*** if she isn’t able to wear it to school. The dress shop is all the way in Borivali! Damn.

But wait… it’s just school… so what if I send their report cards a day late?? So what if Naisha’s sent back for not wearing the right dress from school? It’s just ONE day among hundreds and hundreds that she WILL go properly dressed. Why oh why does a single mess up fill me with SUCH dread?

It’s almost like I’m back in school and worrying obsessively about whether I have my badge and ribbon, whether I’ve cut my nails, whether I’ve got the right time table… worry worry worry! I remember carrying ALL my books to school every day rather than going by the timetable for fear of being punished if I left a particular book home. Now, I’ve transferred that same anxiety to Hrit Naisha’s school.

Well part of it is because there ARE mothers who NEVER mess up, mothers who are contemptuous and unforgiving of others who do. And of course part of it is simply my overanxious personality.

Anyway.. the worry here is not ME, but Hrit and Naisha.. I do NOT want to transfer my anxiety to them.. I do NOT want them carrying a truckload of books to school everyday like their chump of a mom. I want their school days to be carefree and fun. Yet I’d like them to respect school rules and be ‘good’ children. Oh for a balance!

Well for starters….. I need to stop obsessing about their school. I need to remember it’s THEIR school NOT mine. And, for now, I simply need to concentrate on making them conscious of school rules. Later perhaps I’ll need to tell them it’s not the end of the world if you do make a mistake. I can only hope to God they manage to strike a balance

If I could, I would sweep off all anxieties and pains from their lives... but I guess I'll have prepare them the best I can and will have to learn to watch them tread their paths alone, handle their apprehensions and fears on their own. And continue to pray and hope I've prepared them well.

Epilogue: I ended up with the master of messups …. I lost their report cards… then obsessed about it for days… finally wrote in their diary and got new ones issued!!! It was that simple. The princi didn’t even call me to her office and fire me! Hah!