A grown up girl and an affectionate boy

It's been quite a trial putting up with embarrassing questions asked brazenly by Hrit and Naisha with total disregard of who is present. However Naisha's finally growing up. Today on the way to school, a friend of hers was walking down with his dad while Hrit and Naisha were with me. Naisha asked me sotto voce, "Mujhe bhi apne papa ke saath school jana hai." Two things struck me one, Sunil needs to spend more time with the kids and two, Naisha's learning to be discreet.

Okay and here's a tale about my other one.. Hrit... We were in a lift full of people (carpenters and construction people among other mothers and their kids) on our way back from school. Suddenly in a fit of affection Hrit says LOUDLY, "Mama I want to kiss your stomach," totally completely out of the blue. And there I was struggling with him to keep my shirt in place because obviously Hrit followed his words with immediate action.

Whoever said twins were alike?