Nice to have a family

Since the family is now well aware of Naisha's chaniya choli fixation everyone is gearing up to pamper her. First Suman got this bright and silky apple green fabric and suggested I keep it for Naisha's chaniya choli. There was too much cloth so I thought we could get matching ones for Ishi and Naisha when we shifted to Pune. Naisha is so thrilled she's asking me everyday when we'll go to Pune.
Then Rinku called me up saying papa had got this jhanky red and gold cloth and that it'd be perfect for Naisha's CC. I don't think it would be a good idea to tell Naisha about this one. I don't know how I'll handle another set of questions like 'when is masi coming here?'
Thank you both of you... bua and masi. I hope Naisha realises how lucky she is to have both of you in her life.