A warm Lohri

When a bunch of people are determined to have a harmless celebration no one can stop them – neither the not so friendly ‘Neigbourhood’ nor the police. And so the first Lohri at Sapphire Heights turned out to be quite a sensational affair. Sapphirites came in their traditional best with kids bundled up in woolens thanks to the chill in the air. However, the warm bonfire soon had everyone thawing and no one, not even the obvious two-left-footers, could keep themselves from shaking a leg. Was the loveliest Lohri I’ve ever had.

Hrit and Naisha had a ball. Initially Hrit was scared of the dhols but when it stopped finally he asked, 'dlum kyon band ho gaya' so I presume at some point he started enjoying it. He promised to throw his anger and his cough in the Lohri fire... Hope it does him some good.
Naisha of course revelled in her Chaniya choli and danced with not just her head but her entire face covered with the dupatta!! She kept pulling me to dance in the circle round the Lohri fire!! What one has to do for one's kids.. I did dance.. Can't believe it still.

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