How Hrit and Naisha were born - 2 stories

Here's a story I made up which is a HUGE hit with Hrit and Naisha about how they were born. And then there's a spin off.. a story by Naisha.

Once upon a time there were a mama and a papa. They felt very lonely because they didn’t have any babies… so they prayed everyday for one small little baby.
God heard their prayers and thought he must send them one. Now there was a long queue of babies waiting to be sent down to various papas and mamas. Right at the front of the queue was Hrit. So God said Hrit it’s your turn I’ll send you to this papa and mama. But what’s this? Right behind Hrit was another little girl and the two of them were holding onto each other’s hands tightly. Hrit said, “God this is Naisha. She’s my best friend. I won’t go without her.” And Naisha said, “I won’t stay here alone without Hrit. I won’t let him go alone.”

God said, “I can’t do that. I can send only one baby at a time because there are lots of papas and mamas waiting for children.”
“We won’t leave each other’s hands,” insisted Hrit and Naisha.
God didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to make Hrit and Naisha sad because He likes to make everyone happy.

Finally, he had a great idea. He said, “Because you love each other so much I’ll do something special for you. I’ll make both of you brother and sister and I’ll send you down together to the same mama and papa, as a very special case.”
When mama opened her eyes after her prayers there in her lap were, not one but two children, one sweet little boy, Hrit and a cute little girl, Naisha. Papa and mama gave them a big hug and they all lived together happily ever after.

This one is completely scripted by Naisha, quote unquote.

Once upon a time there were two children Hrit and Naisha. They were in a hospital.. Dr Vijaya Gauri’s hospital (that’s their pediatrician). They had a lot of friends in the hospital but they were very very sad because they had no mama and papa. They were crying and crying and crying. Then Doctor aunty came. She had a magic wand. She waved the magic wand and said abracadabra gili gili chhooo and suddenly mama and papa were there. Hrit Naisha gave them a big huggie and papa, mama, Hrit and Naisha lived together happily ever after.