Taken in by the bad!

What's this obsession with the 'bad'? The negative characters always seem to have more of a fascination for Hrit and even for Naisha, in every story that I tell them. If it's the Krishna story Hrit wants to be Kalia the snake, if it's the Ramayan he wants to be Ravan (and makes Naisha Shurpanakha), if it's the Jungle Book he loves to be Sher Khan. The last straw was when he picked the sticker of 'Scar' from a host of stickers of Lion King characters. Crazy!
I've been trying to wean them away but it's an uphill task. I guess the bad people come out as stronger than the good ones... I mean a big black snake making scary sounds is more fascinating than a kid playing a flute. The 'nice' characters somehow seem more passive. I assume it's the promise of action that appeals to Hrit.
I was not really concerned till one day I heard Naisha telling Hrit, 'Bhai chalo Raksas Raksas khelein'. That took the cake. Now I've forbidden them to play such games... Ram Sita is fine but Ravan-Shurpanakha... no way!