Can't eat without Naisha

Yesterday we spent over half an hour trying to convince Hrit to eat a chocolate. Not that he didn't want to eat it... it's just that he wanted Naisha to eat her's too with him. He just refused to eat it alone. Poor chap followed Naisha arround saying 'Please khaiye na, Naisha.' Unfortunately she didn't want to eat her's. No matter what we said to tell him it was okay to eat alone he just wasn't convinced. And he went on and on begging Naisha. She got so irrtated that she whacked him and things just got out of control. We told him we'd get him another one to eat with Naisha.. no use. Then Papa (Sunil's) said he'd give Hrit company... no use. Then we all begged Naisha to eat a little bit... no use again!! I thought I'd have to yell at both of them (unfair to Naisha, but too bad), to break the stalemate. But suddenly Hrit bhai decided that they'd both keep away 'this' chocolate and eat another one together. And they both agreed.
I have NO idea how that sorted the problem... why Naisha was ready to eat the second chocolate and why Hrit was okay with that or where that idea came from... but the crying ended with that thought.
And by the way... they didn't eat even that 'other' sweet! Will someone try to fathom this out for me?