Naisha's not well and Hrit's feeling left out

Naisha's not well... upset stomach, which is no surprise considering she's expecting her poor stomach to digest such utter rubbish... chalk, sand, cement and every other concievable stuff off the ground. She's got it quite badly. And she's a BAD patient if ever there was one. She'll pick fights and make herself so unpleasant and difficult that she ensures no one is happy till she gets well. A total handfull.
What's worse... Hrit can't stomach the fact that he's not the one who's unwell, for a change. He couldn't believe it that Naisha was getting more medicines and attention (in that order) than he was. He got so fed up of asking for medicine that he came up with a new one...
"Mama," says he, "Give me medicine my mouth my hurting."
"What happened to your mouth," I asked
"I've talked so much today that my mouth is hurting. You need to give me medicine," says he.
I thought that was funny till he actually howled and howled.. "My mouth is huritng and mama is not giving me medicine."
Tough times.

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