Another night

Another night time story...
Rather hectic day today.. farewell rounds seem to have started as we prepare to leave for Pune next week. Went to a friend's place for lunch.. then a get-together with more friends in the evening. When we got home it was past eight. Since the kids had had rather heavy snacks quite close to dinner time I thought I'd do away with dinner. So I gave them a banana each and took them to bed.

After our story routine.. I thought I'd see some peaceful sleeping. After a few minutes of silence Hrit suddenly sat up staring into the darkness. I thought something was worrying him.. so I called out to him.. asked him what happned. "I'm hungry," he announced. Thank God for bananas. I ran and got some for them. Then I waited patiently till he made his way through two bananas. (It bugs the hell out of me that the entire brushing routine is down the drain).

Obviously Naisha has to follow suit.. so she ate a banana too but her stomach couldn't quite keep it all in. Hrit slept off and after telling her to sleep on her own I came out. Ten minutes later I see her peeping from behind the wall. Just as I am about to rush her back to bed she says, "Potty ho gayi.. diaper mein." There goes my one hour of peaceful laptop time... it's back to washing potty, putting a fresh diaper and tucking her in.

I so wish they'd stop imitating each other.

Have you ever seen someone yawing and eating together? Watch Hrit..
I'll eat two bananas.. no... no three... that's Hrit again.

After thought: When men stare thoughtfully at nothing.. they're probably hungry.