Give me more

Hrit has come of age.. at least in one area - he developed a taste for aerated drinks. Not a really good thing but it certainly is a sign of growing up.

No thank you
I never wanted the kids to become a part of the Pepsi generation for a long time. And so they had no exposure to any kind of aerated drinks at all. They loved their juices.. unfortunately just the packaged ones as I never had the time for fresh juices.. and I left it at that. In fact when I'd see their older cousins hankering after Pepsi I'd say Thank God Hrit Naisha are not into it.
Each time someone would give them a sip of Pepsi, Hrit would make a really dirty face.. Naisha anyway doesn't try anything new easily so she was safe.

It's spicy
Then we went for a birthday party at a pizza chain. On offer were Pizza, bread sticks and Pepsi. (Water too was in short supply). Well Hrit rejected the pizza outright, like I wrote earlier ( One sip of Pepsi and that wierd expression was back on his face.. the expression that said, "Yuk what's this?" He was more articulate by now so he said, "This is not nice mama.. spicy hai." The kids came home that day hungry and very thirsty. The hostess, a good friend, was terribly upset. That was the day I decided they should at least be tolerant of fast food. I tried to interest them in burgers , pizzas and yes, even aerated drinks, with little luck. I know I know it was not such a good idea but I can't keep them away from all this forever, I reasoned. When they'll grow up they'll be hung on pizzas and Pepsi in any case, I justified myself.

Not bad
Then we went for another party. Along with the other kids Hrit was handed a glass of Pepsi. I could see him taking small experimental sips. He finished the glass.

I'm loving it!
A few days back we were at a friends place. There was Hrit with glass in hand pointing bravely at the bottle of Pepsi saying, "Black wala juice chahiye." He refused to have the Frooti. My friends knew how I'd been trying to initiate him and they were all complimenting me. Finally Hrit was a Pepsi boy.

I am not sure I'm happy with myself.. I should be teaching the kids to stand up to peer pressure not give in to it. I did. The fear of upsetting someone.. of appearing impolite, or simply.. of not fitting in, makes us do things best avoided. Here I was hoping the kids would not just eat junk but enjoy it too. Not nice at all. Sorry bachchas.. will try to do better next time. Unfortunately, many things are irreversible and Hrit I think is hooked.