A little sister

"I want a little sister," demanded Naisha today. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. I mean this line is usually heard from company starved single kids, isn't it? It's just not fair that I have to deal with two same age kids plus demands like this one. Like almost all other kids she went on to enumerate all the other children who had smaller siblings.. Shubhi has one (wrong.. she was a cousin), Vineesh has one (wrong again.. cousin again), Zaheen has one (Oh well okay she does), Arna has one (Right again)."

Standard requests have standard replies. I think every mom on the face of this earth has thrown this challenge at every kid who has dared to ask for a sibling. This is what is goes like, "Well she will be very small.. will you clean her when she messes up (refering to the poo/pee possibilities)?" This thought can put off grown ups from having kids what's a small girl like Naisha? However she had a solution. "We'll show her the pot and tell her this is where she needs to go," said she. "But she'll be too small to walk.. she will mess up," Silence for a while.. then, "Let's not a get a baby then." Naisha gave up and promptly went on to enumerate kids who did not have younger siblings. I heaved a sigh of relief.

I then suggested we would get Zamaan, Zaheen's little brother, home for sometime and my suggestion was met with a high five from Naisha.

Imagine having another baby and landing up with twins again.. Goosebumps!