Where's the magic

Naisha had been hankering after a 'magic wand' for a long long time. Unfortunately I just couldn't find one, though I looked pretty hard. (There was a time when I found parents who'd run pillar to post trying to look for things their kids asked them for, quite silly. Now I find myself doing much the same thing. If not actively, at least I keep my eyes open for things they ask me for.. subconsciously sometimes.)

Finally yesterday I found a wand. Predictably enough Naisha was thrilled. She promply wore the matching hair band and pranced about with it. After a while she came back to me and said, "Mama the wand is nice but it just doesn't have any magic. It' not a magic wand." Now where do I find the magic to fill in her wand?

PS: When I asked her to pose for a pic she promptly said, "let me comb my hair and come." And then she patiently posed for me. Thank You Naisha.