Exotic flavours of the ad world

“I want Blucon d, mama,” said Hrit one day. Drat! I thought.. the advertising world’s caught up finally. What my dear baby didn’t know was that he’d been drinking ‘Blucon d’ for months together only he called it Nibu Pani. And now when I tried to explain, he thought I didn’t want to give him the real thing… aren’t kids supposed to have faith in their parents? But wait wasn’t it me who taught him to question everything.. me included? Well so then I showed him the pack, which thankfully matched with the one on the telly and peace was restored.
The kids had a relatively sanitized television viewing till they turned four. Before that it was just cds or Cbeebies. Enter the furious fours and advertising has hit them like a deluge.
May I have some ‘exotic flavour’? Hrit’s second demand had me stumped. He didn’t quite catch the ad. He didn’t know what ‘exotic’ meant or what ‘flavour’ was but he wanted it. That was a tough one to get out of.
Hrit being the more avid TV watcher gets it worse than Naisha. One day he asked me for chocos with milk. Personally I could never stomach the soggy combination hence I’d never given it to the kids. Hrit however couldn’t get over the chocolate boat zooming on a river of milk and he pestered me no end. A single spoonful quietened him and he’s stuck to the dry chocos ever since.
Naisha baffled me with her constant demand for ‘milky barbiewefa’ which turned out to be Milky Bar with Wafer… whew.
Once while at their grandparents they had a harried Nanu calling on the phone asking us to pick up a chocolate smoothie, whatever that was. In a fit of affection Naisha nicknamed Hrit chocolate smoothie because ‘he’s sweet and has smooth cheeks’. The name comes and goes depending on how much he has harassed her each day.
When I overheard Naisha saying ‘Aye Bunti.. apka sabun slow hai kya?’ I could only be relieved she modified the ‘tera sabun’ to ‘aapka sabun’. Small mercies.
However the award for the all time high irritant goes to the Poppins ad ‘Doon Kya’. I wish I could really give it to that kid for giving it to my kids.