Golden Hamster surprise

OMG.. landmark day.. I knew this day would come but that it would come so soon ... nopes hadn't expected that.

At the dinner table Naisha was trying to talk with her mouth full. When I told her to finish her food and talk she insisted it was something 'potent' (important). So I told her to keep the food in her cheeks so she could talk clearly.
"... like the Golden Hamster," commented Hrit.
"Golden Hamster?" queried a rather zapped me, "Where did you hear that?"
"Teacher told me mama. The Golden Hamster is an animal. He doesn't have hands so he collects food in his cheeks.. he has big pouches in his cheek," he elaborated.
Wow.. I didn't know that. I really didn't.
Out of old habit I went to old friend Google who told me what Hrit said was bang on.. completely true.
The Golden Hamster -- this is what it looks like
When the kids were babies I taught them the rhyme chubby cheeks that ended with "Mama's pet, is that you?" Then they joined playschool and came back singing "Teacher's pet, is that you?" I really didn't like that .. when did teacher replace mama?
That was the first sign that they were growing up and now this.
I used to be surprised if they knew something I hadn't taught them and now they know stuff I don't even know...sigh! They are growing up. It's a good thing of course but a part of me wants to have them just the way they are now.

PS: A big thank you to their school and teachers... Thank you.